Bring data together

Millions of data systems can't be connected easily.

That shouldn't stop you from getting the answers you need.

Solving unique data needs for the world's most ambitious teams


Use Cases


Consolidate data from global vendors to gain an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your marketing efforts—both online and offline.


Enrich data from Salesforce, BigQuery, and more with user-generated context, real-time forecasts, and automated processes.


Unify financial data from various incompatible ERPs for a comprehensive view of your financials and KPIs.

Everyone else

If you're constantly exporting data from Tableau, CRM, or ERP just to merge it in Excel with files sent via email, know there's a better way. Quantum can automate this process, helping you get more from your data.


Enterprise-ready data solution built for fast, low-touch deployment

Client-specific workflows

One size doesn't fit all. Leverage Quantum's adaptable platform to save development time and resources.

Ready with enterprise-level security

Protect your data with features like single sign-on (SSO), encrypted storage, and fine-grained access control.

Support and change management

Contact your dedicated account manager for assistance during onboarding, day-to-day operations, or third-party integrations.


Specialized integration strategy for every partner to minimize time-to-launch

Retail used to be about buying products through supplier networks and reselling them for a profit. Today, retailer–supplier relationships are about not only products but also consumer access, data, and insights—and, increasingly, suppliers are the ones buying the latter from retailers.

Buy vs. Build

Why choose Quantum over building and maintaining your own data solution? After all, data integrations and analytics are not rocket science — but they are also typically not a core competency of your business. At Quantum, we have spent tens of thousands of hours building expertise and products for solving the most challenging data and business problems.

3 days

Time to first milestone


Year 1 ROI vs. in-house team*


Hours invested in perfecting robust solutions

Get anything you need, quickly, cost-effectively, and with no surprises.


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* Assuming a 6-month commitment from a pod consisting of 2 full-time software engineers, a data engineer, a data scientist, a product manager, and a product designer, not counting any expenses for hiring, licenses, or the opportunity costs of not working on revenue-generating business.

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